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uLCD-32PT vs uLCD-32032-P1T

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  • uLCD-32PT vs uLCD-32032-P1T

    From the SGC description page:
    Note: This product is designed to be a direct replacement of the uLCD-32032-P1T(SGC)module.
    I don't see anything anywhere else that elaborates on this.. Why the change? What's different? What's the same?
    Does "direct replacement" mean I won't need to change any of my code that interacts with the 32032-P1T to get it to work on the 32PT?

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    Also, do all of the 32PT's have that unfortunate icon set at the bottom (with the home, mail, phonebook, etc)?


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      The manufacturers of the physical display change models from time to time, not always in such a way that makes the slightest thought to physical compatibility with the previous model, let alone electrical compatibility.

      Have a look at the back pictures of the two displays, see how the connectors come in from different directions and are different sizes.

      Now have a look and the circuit board critical parts layout and mounting holes, they are all in the same place.

      You should be able to see any other difference in the datasheets, however we have tried to make the end result swap over compatible.

      No changes should be required, unless you use register level commands to the display.

      The icon set was located on the 'dead' part of the display on the first shipment, your enclosure would normally cover it up. It is not on the newer shipments.


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        So, the 32PT is not working as a drop-in replacement...
        I've tried uLCD-32PTSGC-LR-R18.pmmc, uLCD-32PTSGC-R18.pmmc and the same rotation combinations of .h files for DISP.
        The image files that worked on the 32032P1T aren't working on the new display (it appears they're getting displayed sideways, which results in weirdness).
        On the 32032P1T, I am using uLCD-32032-P1TSGC-R18.pmmc and uLCD-32032-P1LRSGC-v00.h to achieve the desired screen rotaton for videos and images (Landscape, rotated, but please, for the love of god, don't make me rotate all of my content).
        Suggestions? Fixes? Things I missed? Things missing from the documentation? All of the above?


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          Suggestions? Fixes? Things I missed? Things missing from the documentation? All of the above?
          Dunno what to suggest. I loaded the uLCD-32032-P1TSGC-R18.pmmc and uLCD-32032-P1LRSGC-v00.h into my uLCD-32032-P1T and the uLCD-32PTSGC-LR-R18.pmmc into my uLCD-32PT. Both the splash screens displayed the same orientation. I played a video and an image on both. They both displayed the same orientation. Are you sure you got the right combination of headers/PmmCs? Are you doing some unusual command sequence? (Can you include a FAT Controller log?)


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            So, which .h file were you using on the 32PT?
            Nothing unusual, and I'm not using FAT Controller for development, so copying a log will take some extra time.


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              The h files do not influence orientation on the 32PT, you need to use the LR PmmC


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                i'm using the LR PmmC to no avail..
                i'm also having issues on startup where i was not having issues with the 32032 (tested on multiple screens).
                direct replacement? maybe.
                drop-in replacement? not so far. =(


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                  I'm sorry you are having problems.

                  However, since we are unable to recreate it here with the information available so far, there's not much we can do at the moment.

                  What's happening at startup?

                  Do you have any orientation commands embedded in your command stream?

                  Are you waiting for the ACKS?