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    Hi i have noticed that FAT controller with my oLEDgfx128 is working fine, So Im trying to use FPGAs and work it like the FAT controller, but I want only the "Send image from PC file" functionality, as we know this functionality browse for an image, and then FAT controller sends it byte by byte trough the serial port, with the serial command "Draw image-Icon" explained in the Goldelox SGC section 2.2.5.
    I have noticed that the FAT controller browse for any type of image in the "Send image from PC" (jpg,jpeg,bmp,ico,emf,gci), Im interested in sending JPEG images, so with the FAT controller I browse for a jpeg file then the FAT controller converts the JPEG file to RAW i guess, because it send the image pixel by pixel trough the serial port using the "Draw image-icon command".
    So I succesfully have send RAW images (pixel by pixel) with Draw image-icon command with the FPGA as the host controller, but i dont know how to send a JPEG image using the Draw image-iconto the uOled128, as the FAT controller does.
    So could you please help me in how to send those JPEG images using the FPGA to the uOLED128.
    By the way thanks

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    What FAT Controller does is internally renders the jpeg (i.e. converts it into a bitmap) and then converts the bitmap into a 565 image. It then "Draw Image-Icon - 49hex" with the appropriate parameters followed by the 565 image.

    If your images are preprepared you are best using GC to create a file and save it on a uSD card, it will be much easier and faster this way.

    If however, you want to do jpeg decoding on an FPGA, then good luck!