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Digital control in Key Mode

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  • Digital control in Key Mode

    First off, lovely little audio piece you've got here. So glad it exists. Thanks for the work you've put into it.
    And now to the issue. I'm using the SOMO to play 1 audio file when triggered by a sensor. Since I only want one file to be played I figured I'd do a digitized version of the Key Mode connecting a Basic Stamp microcontroller (5v) to the SOMO via the play button. Basically I have a reed relay switch taking the spot of a push button with a 330 ohm resistor between the relay and pin 6 as suggested on another forum. I saw this digital key mode method suggested earlier in this forum. "There are simple Play/Stop or Next/Previous and Volume control inputs in KEY mode which you can simply control through the Digital outputs of your host controller. Please see the SOMO-14D datasheet for this configuration (KEY Mode)."
    My issue is that the the SOMO runs an automatic loop on one song and i can't figure the easiest way to problem solve this issue. If the song would just stop at the end rather than repeating there wouldn't be an issue.
    The second thing that makes me hesitant to try to write code to avoid the problem is that the microcontroller will start the audio file itself but then whenever the reed relay switches on again it just restarts the song all over again rather than stopping it. In other words the play/stop function doesn't seem to be working with the reed relay after the song has begun playing. I have the code written so it sends a very short signal, just enough for my multimeter to read the voltage, so it shouldn't be that the 'play button' is on for too long.
    Any ideas or suggestions for where I should start problem solving?
    Many thanks.

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    Could you please post your connection diagram?


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      Actually, I just went out an bought some better quality reed relay switches and now it is working fine. The relays I had before must have been sticking.
      So everything is fine now--the reed relay switches work great as an on/off switch from the Basic Stamp controller. The Somo is also working well with the PIR sensor and I've hooked it up with a 'double mono' signal to some computer speakers with some resistors on each channel.
      Thanks for such a versatile audio device.


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        Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback.