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  • Video modes and total video memory...

    I copied this from the old uVGA-PICASO-MD1 docs because I wanted to ask if the same restrictions apply to the uVGA II programmed for either SCG or GFX. In other words, is this a limitation set for the Picaso-GFX modules to maximize page #'s.

    NOTE: Usable resolutions are; QVGA: 310x210, VGA: 620x420 and SVGA: 800x560. These
    resolutions are chosen to maximize the number of display pages from the video RAM.

    When I use the VGA mode, I need 640 pixels across. If I'm using the QVGA mode, I need 320 pixels across.

    Or can someone just tell me what values to put in the DISP utility to make a 640x225 / NTSC mode (or any other U.S. standard format).

    Also, is the total video memory available 512k in the uVGA II/GFX configured module?

    Thanks, guys.
    Roger Taylor

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    The old and new uVGA modules are completely different beasts internally, there is nothing that can be "compared"


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      Understood. I recently confirmed that the 640x480 default mode of the uVGA II module w/GFX firmware does in fact display all 640 x 480 pixels, from corner to corner of my LCD monitor. I'm pleased. Sorry for the unfair comparison.

      So do you think someone can help me set a 640x225 video mode from GFX/4DGL and have the 225 lines fill the screen vertically, as in stretched. Can the video be tweaked on-the-fly from 4DGL like it's controlled in DISP.exe for SCG devices?

      The amount of knowledge I gain here will decide whether I purchase 100+ of these modules in 2011 or only 1. I'm willing to do some coding magic if I can get all the facts and details right. Most programs I write leave the user guessing how it was done, so I'm not looking for someone to actually figure out my particular application for me, but I do need to better understand what I can do with the uVGA II using GFX & 4DGL. Right now I don't even see a 4DGL command for changing the video mode, which is about as strange as it gets.

      I feel that there are many others with similar questions, but I understand that you guys can't spend every waking second hanging out in the forums and you're hoping that other skilled users can help answer some questions.

      Thanks for the support.
      Roger Taylor