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mirror/flip on ulcd 144

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  • mirror/flip on ulcd 144

    ive read that it is possible to mirror the display on the uoled modules so that left becomes right.can this be done on ulcd 144 as well?
    i tried the sequence 0x24, 0x57, 0x02, 0xA0,0x70 but i was only getting a nack from the module.
    first of all,is this possible on the ulcd 144?if so how can it be achieved?
    any help would be really helpful guys.

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    Ahhhh, if it were so simple

    That command only writes one byte to a command register, it is no longer documented as a lot of commands on the newer displays require more than one byte for each command.

    Regardless, you are trying to use a command for an oled display controller on the controller inside you uLCD-144 which is completely different.

    If you have a uLCD-144 the controller chip is ST7735, if you have an uLCD-144R the controller chip is ST7735R

    Get hold of the appropriate data sheet and see if the image can be mirrored.

    If it can fire up DISP, load the display's header file and see if the applicable command is in the initializiation commands (it most likely will be). Change the bit requiring changing (it will almost ceratainly be a single bit) and save it to the display.


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      I tried to follow this procedure to turn the uLCD 144 by 180 degree. In principle it worked (the command for the ST7735 is MADCTL or 0x36). However, after turning the display area is shifted down by two pixel rows (i.e. row 0 is displayed on the physical row 2 while the upper two rows show garbage). I tried to change the row address set, modifying the RASET (0x2B) command but this seems to have no effect at all. Any idea how this could be corrected? Thanks!


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        It can only be corrected inside the PmmC.

        Why would you want it upside down?


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          The reason is that I'm designing a power supply where I want to place context sensitive keys below the display and I don't want them to be too far away form the active display area. From the viewing angle it seems to be no problem to use it upside down. I's a device in NIM standard and the uLCD 144 just fits perfectly in the width (and I couldn't find many other displays that would fit). So it would be great if I could get it working that way. Thanks!


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            uLCD-144 PmmCs with various rotations will be available for download in the next day or so.

            As has been said elsewhere, the ULCd-144 is a bit of a funny display, you need to change the PmmC to alter the orientation properly, just changing the header file is not enough (The header files are there if you want to alter Fonts/splash/etc. All you normally need to do is change the PmmC)