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    Hey all,
    I just received my ucam-ttl module. I have a max232 chip that I am using to connect it to a windows computer serial port.

    I was able to get the demo working once by messing around with the com ports and baud rate settings and basically just trying everything to sync until it did. Then I disconnected the power and went to lunch.

    After coming back and reconnecting the power so that I could start looking at the actual messages and write some microcontroller code, I could no longer get the camera to sync. I've tried every combination of settings many many times. I'm looking at the TTL sync signal on an oscope after it's been converted from RS232 and it looks good so I really don't know what the problem could be.

    Is it possible that accidentally shorting or reversing the TX and RX lines could be an issue? I never connected them to RS232 voltages I know, but I might have had them connected to the wrong TTL pins... I definitely never powered it with more than 3.3V... I'm at a loss.

    So my questions are:
    1) How can I tell definitively which com port I'm supposed to be using?
    2) How can I verify that the camera module is still in working condition?
    3) Why won't it work? (just kidding on this one... but seriously, any help would be very appreciated)

    Once I get it working I would be more than happy to write an arduino library for interfacing with this nice device.

    Thank you all

    Oh, I also soldered little connector pins to the end of the wires on the supplied connector. Could the heat have done anything to the module?

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    1) well I know some computers don't always help much, but I thought it would be easy for you since you have a scope and can thus see the sync signal coming out when it's connected to the correct port.

    2) Only by getting it to go, if you had it working before lunch what changed? Surely the conections couldn't have gotten mixed up? Got TX and RX crossed over once?

    3) Dunno. IF you use the demo software and select the correct com port, default speed, then click open. Pressing sync a few times should give you a result.


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      Thanks for the reply ESP

      1) Yes I can tell on this computer that COM1 is the correct port because I can see with a scope when the SYNC signal is coming out correctly. I was wondering if there was a way in device manager or something...

      2) It's definitely possible that I might have had the TX and RX cross over... could that break the module? I didn't notice any component getting even slightly warm. No burn marks no smoke or anything.

      Any ideas as far as troubleshooting?


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        1) Sometimes device manager will help, sometimes it just confuses the issue by showing more com ports than you actually have

        2) For a short period of time it shouldn't hurt much, surely you can identify TX and RX for each end and cross them over. Other than that RX will be easy to 'alter' (i.e. can be pulled high or low with a few ua) and TX will be difficult (i.e. cannot be pulled high or low with a few ua)


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          Yeah I just don't see the red wire's signal getting above 150mV or so. No matter how many SYNC signals I send to the black wire. Any built in voltage checks on the PCB?


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            I'm not sure what you're saying... I know which lines are RX and which lines are TX I just don't see any signal on the camera's TX (output) line.


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              From the one I'm looking at here, Black is Pin4 is TX and Red is Pin5 is RX

              You should be sending signals down RED and receiving results on BLACK

              Of course your cable could be different