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Help! My uOLED 32024-P1T stopped working

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  • Help! My uOLED 32024-P1T stopped working

    That's the situation: I've got stuck with some 32bit math and got help from
    Anna (thanks again), but could not download anymore. Also, the Pmmc Loader hung in "waiting for device". I have an uUSB MB5 and a self build FTDI (yes, the reset works on both). I also have an uOLED-16-G1, which still works fine, can program and change pmmc with both devices. Voltage on the uOLED 32024-P1T is ok (Vin=5V, Vreset 3.3V) and the connection from the pinhead to the controller has no interrupts, D1 works. The crystal oscillator goes with 12Mhz, but I have no dynamic signals on the Picaso or the display so I guess it's dead and gone. Maybe there is a "wake-up-again" trick, you can provide me with? Thanks in advance for good advice!

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    Hmm, from that all I can suggest is checking the MB5 connection to the display, one display is upside down relative to the other that you have.

    Also, not that I think this will make much difference in this case, have you turned up the current on the MB5?


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      Thanks for the quick reply. I'm good with the power and the reset pulse.
      Is there a way to check if the controller is alive? Do you know what current the board draws normally? I programmed the device so many times, that I was thinking, the pinhead broke a connection. But the check with a multimeter's beeper was ok. There are some test points on the board?


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        Please check the image attached and see if you are getting correct voltages at the mentioned points.

        Attached files


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          Thank you, that's very kind!
          I measured 5.15V on the input -
          4.83V after D1, and 3.32V on the regulator. I also have 3.32V on the right side of C3 and C6. WolfX