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  • Sound Modules and Related Softwares

    This section of FAQ for "Sound Modules and Related Software" covers all the frequently asked questions related to SOMO-14D.

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    Q01. Which files does SOMO-14D support?

    Ans. SOMO-14 supports .ad4 extension files which can be generated through the AD4 conversion software tool available on SOMO-14D product page. You can convert MP3 and WAV files to .ad4 format.


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      Q02. I need a base for the SOMO-14D Module?

      Ans.The spacing between pins is the standard 0.1" but the male headers have machined pins. So, you need a single Row base with machined pins. You can try some of the following links,



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        Q03. I have .ad4 files in the uSD card and i want it to keep playing back to back continuously?

        Ans. Try the circuit attached.
        Attached files


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          Q04. In Serial Mode, does SOMO-14D need to be communicated Serially through the Com port?

          Ans. No, there is no UART type Rx/Tx or Serial Com port on the SOMO-14D Module. Serial mode here means, the data and clock are latched serially in to the Data and Clock pins of the module. You can use Digital IOs of your controller to generate the DATA and Clock signals to control the SOMO-14D in Serial mode.


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            Q05. Can i power up the SOMO-14D with 2.7V?

            Ans. No, SOMO-14D modules are not stable below 3.0V. Check the latest Datasheets. Recommended operating voltages are between 3.0 - 3.8V with 3.3V typical.


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              Q06. Do I need to send Play command to the SOMO-14D after i send the AUDIO FILE ADDRESS in the serial mode?

              Ans. No, The audio file starts playing as soon as you send the AUDIO FILE ADDRESS. You don't need to send PLAY command.


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                Q07. When i send an AUDIO FILE ADDRESS to the SOMO-14D, does it finish the current file it's playing before playing the file requested?

                Ans. No, SOMO-14D immediately plays the file requested. It doesn't complete the file currently playing.


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                  Q08. In the Key Mode, if i send PREVIOUS command, will it play the previous file or the current file?

                  Ans. Suppose file 0005.AD4 is playing and you sent PREVIOUS command, 0004.AD4 file would start playing.