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  • uSD Card and Display Modules

    This section of FAQ for "uSD Card and Display Modules" covers all the frequently asked questions related to uSD Cards and Display Modules.

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    Q01. Help! My uSD card doesn't work?

    Ans.The most common reason a uSD card appears not to work is a lack of sufficient power for it.

    uSD cards can draw up to 50ma, depending upon make and capacity, there is no general rule of thumb, although the better brands tend to draw less.

    uSD cards also need more reliable power, the display will work with much less exacting power than the uSD card, again it varies among makes and capacity.

    Some USB cables have way too high internal resistance to work properly.

    Some USB hubs (especially the unpowered ones) simply cannot supply the required power.

    The effect can vary from a simple failure to initialize to reading incorrect data.

    Once you have checked the above and are still having problems, try the attached tester program.

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      Q02. I have written to the uSD card using Graphics Composer, now i want to do the same for a large quantity for production and the graphics composer takes too long to write to the card?

      Ans. There is a uSD card cloning method that you can use to copy large number of uSD cards within few minutes. Find the Zip file attached, read the "Readme" file within and follow the steps.
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