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serial problem & card sizes

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  • serial problem & card sizes

    After upgrading a ulcd 320 pmd2 to the latest pmmc file I started having problems with the display image from memory card command (@I). My code expects a single byte reply from the unit (ack or nak) but on close inspection the @I command was returning three bytes: as an example (hex) 06 f8 38. Another unit (hardware ver 10, firmware ver 12) behaves as expected outputting a single ack byte. ??
    Another question, as micro sd cards increase in size will I be able to update the firmware to cope? Revision 1.0 of the ulcd 320 users manual states 1G maximum size while rev 1.1 states 2G. What hardware/firmware version did this change occur?

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    Try the latest PmmC rev 8.

    At the time of the writing of the rev1.0 User Manual the largest capacity uSD memory card available was 1Gig. 2Gig is now available so we made the change to reflect this. There are 4Gig uSD cards available but they use a different format which is not compatible. The uSD memory addressing capability of all 4D displays are upto 4Gig but as mentioned above 4Gig cards are incompatible.


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      I have been using PmmC rev 2 but finally got around to trying PmmC rev 8 to fix the deformed image, odd bitmap size problem (graphics composer forum: deformed image / icon thread) but now the display image command seems to only work once. I send a @I command and the unit responds with a ack but any further @I commands do not work and no ack or nak is returned.


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        Make sure you're sending all the correct parameters with the @I command. We've been running the PmmC rev8 here now for a while and all is working as it should.