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    While working with the workshop and the tools that are shipped along, I have encountered a lot of (minor) bugs that would be rather easy to fix. In many cases Id be happy to do so myself quickly. Have you considered to release the workshop and its tools as open source software so that anyone interested can contribute and improve the quality of these tools?

    I am only talking about the tools, not the compiler and other sensitive information, of course.

    Greetings from Germany

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    Well, Robert, if you would be happy to share the bugs with us we would be happy to fix them.

    All you have to do is tell us whet they are


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      Sure, I will. I was just thinking that it might take some work off your (developers) shoulders.


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        Open source compiler would be great too. I'd love to submit you a pull request that implements different variable sizes/structures


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          Please understand, you are using a single chip that is way small, it results in a way cheap unit cost.

          Your 'requests' are only going to push up the chip count and the cost, think about it.

          If you want to spend hundreds of dollars per unit so you can have different variable types, interractive debuggers and all that stuff, fine, that's up to you.

          We will be implementing many of the features you want, but you have to understand we need to keep the end price within reason and a lot of those fancy things are waiting on price / preformance curves to catch up


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            I dont understand how adding support for variables other than words can be a major cost increase. I can use bytes, words and longs on my ATTiny and that only has 1024 bytes of memory. I also have the ability to use structs and interrupts. Better yet, this chip only costs 15cents. explain to me why compiler features should cost hundreds of dollars.

            EDIT: perfect counterpoint to your cost case is this:
            Same pricepoint, way more features. (Hint: lack of softcore taking up all the codespace, adding >4x overhead, trying to be everything to everybody.)

            EDIT EDIT: although the compiler is expensive, the hardware is not.