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  • Transparent Images

    Hi, i have an image created in Photoshop and saved as .gif whit web format whit transparency because i want to display it in diferent backgrounds but when i import it to GC it makes the transparent background white. How can i do to keep it transparent??

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    Not sure what display you are using, but if the display supports transparent and you are using GFX then all you need to add is

    gfx_TransparentColour(WHITE) ;
    gfx_Transparency(ON) ;

    If it doesn't work, you will probably need to check the transparent color to ensure it really is white


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      Can I do this with a uOLED in SGC mode somehow? I really need this transparency functionality for a project.
      Also, I want a way for my customers to design themes through a designer I will make, so do I have to stick with GCI files? Can I use BMP files instead. If so is there any performance difference. If I do have to stick with GCI, is there a way that I can automate the creation of these so I can then upload them to the SD card?


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        There is no image transparency within SGC.

        Not sure how complicated your GCI files are, but the format is documented in the FAQ section so you can create your own


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          Thanks for the reply.
          Are there plans to enable this functionality in the SGC mode? It would be a very powerful feature


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            No plans at current to do this.

            There are too many things withing SGC that would need altering to enable this functionality.

            And that's even before considering that not all of the displays on which SGC runs are capable of this within themselves.


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              I understand there is more to these things than meets the eye, but take for instance the ĀµOLED-32028-P1T(SGC). I assume there is abstracted code in the firmware responsible for replacing colour (used for Replace Colour 6B). Couldn't there be a boolean flag on the "Display Image-Icon from Card (40 6d)" function say, called "IsReplaceTransparencyColour". This would indicate to the device that, it should run the replace colour code over that image region (when its rendering the target image) and change it from a predefined colour, set by another new serial function "SetTransparcyColour", to the background colour set by the existing "Set Background colour 4b".
              I understand this is not a true transparency implementation for things that are layered, but it would cover a lot of applications and would save a serial call each time something is drawn from the card.


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                I work with the uLCD-32PT.
                This worked for me too, but does this mean that white objects are now transparent on the entire screen?

                This is not a documented feature. At least, I can only find it in the fnc file.

                Greetings Bert


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                  does this mean that white objects are now transparent on the entire screen
                  Yes, all subsequently written whites will be transparent, so either turn transparency off when you don't want it, or use some really obscure color.


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                    Okay. Thanks.