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    Hi folks,I am new to the uCam and 4D modules. I am trying to capture images using the Parallax Propller and saving the images (jpeg) on SD. However, I need to be able to preview the image on a display. I looked at several offerings at 4D however I need an advice which configuration will better fit my system. My thoughts for this configuration are as following:uCAM TTL +Micro LCD-32PT(GFX) 3.2"
    My concern is that the camera will be hocked up to two controllers ????Is that possible?If not please advice me with alternatives if you can......
    Best Regards

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    The Micro LCD-32PT(GFX) cannot display jpeg images.

    So you will need to either, process RAW images, or convert to RAW on your propellor (if possible).

    If you are happy to process RAW, and your datarate is not to fast, you could do everything on the 32PT, depending upon your other requirements


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      Thanks for the reply,My intention form using the MicroLCD is to preview the raw data from the camera , and then possibly having the propeller to get the jpeg from the camera and saving it on a SD. Or to have the propeller sending a command to the MicroLCD to get and the jpeg from the camera and saving it on its own SD.