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Hooking uCAM-TTL to Arduino

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  • Hooking uCAM-TTL to Arduino

    I am trying to connect uCAM-TTL to Arduino UNO but I am getting sync problem all the time with the uCAM test software. Where am I going wrong? I have hooked uCAM to 3.3v/GND on Arduino and TX, RX of uCAM to RX,TX of Arduino. Do I need any SD card? My next question is if I program the Arduino where do I display the picture?
    Many thanks for your help.

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    The thing is:
    If you want to use your ucam over the pc, the arduino can't run any serial routines on it.(best to upload an empty code for testing first) The data will then go full duplex over pin 0 and 1 ergo Rx ant Tx over USB.
    If you want to use build a stand-alone version, with arduino board only. You will need an external memory (atmels dataflash and SPI interfacing works well). The data then will Buffer 128bytes in the Arduinos serial Buffer and write it to flash. then waits for the next bytes and writes them to flash till approx. 900kbytes are writen (640x460 Jpeg).
    Don't forget to cross rx and tx then. Couse you will have a DTE to DCE communication then.

    Here you can find an example code and a nice library for a C328R Camera that works same same but different(should work fine with the ucam - im still testing though)



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      found a nice project:


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        Thanks, this is helpful. I want clarify my application; I want to use ucam attached to arduino and program it for taking pictures one at a time and then transfer it to PC wired or wireless. Once image is on the PC do image processing and instruct arduino to take next picture and so on. I would appreciate if you help me on system requirements and possible interface to do this. Many thanks. Venky


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          Look at this post below. It includes a working code that does exactly what you will need for Processing and Arduino combined: