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  • Pencil for touch screen

    Hi, i am using uLCD-32PT and i use the touch screen for everything. I dont want to use it whit my fingers because the screen get dirty (sorry my english i dont know how to say it) very fast. I tried whit pen but it mark the touch screen so i tried whit a tiny borrow but it mess the screen, can i use the pencil which come for touchscreen mobile phones? It seems to be "hard" for this kind of touch, the touchscreen of mobile phones seems to be more resistant. Is there any way to change the resistive touchscreen for a capacitive one?
    Thanks you

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    A standard stylus should work quite well and shouldn't damage the screen anymore than it will damage the screen on your mobile (i.e. it will damage it over time).

    As for Capacitive, well you always have to use your finger for that, styli don't work with capacitive.

    And no the touch panel is bonded to the screen, it's Resistive or Capacitive out of the factrory.


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      Does any of your LCDs has capacitive touchscreen?


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        There will be a 4.3" with capacitive touch screen soon, none of the others support capacitive.