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bending the pins

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  • bending the pins

    oh your not gonna like this question!

    The way I need to mount your screen in my current control box will require me to BEND that nice little five pin connector to an upright possition. Do you have some "bad" boards that you could try it on before I ruin my little two hundred dollar screen?

    What quantity would I have to order them in to get them made that way (strait headder rather that angle)?


    oh it's an uLCD-32PT

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    Any modifications become a new job for production, so this will have to be scheduled in with them downstairs. We do make customizations all the time, however this all depends on the quantities involved. Send me an email and let me know what quantities your looking for and I'll run it pass the production guys. atilla at 4dsystems dot com dot au
    P.S: Where on earth did you pay $200 for a uLCD-32PT?


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      I exaggerate allot! (that is what I was paying for the OTHER smart screen) (the OTHER one that DIES when exposed to sunlight too long). Hope you folks have some kind of UV filter on your OLED's. I just moved clear away from the technology. LED not as bright but then when (THOSE) OLED's got in the sun, so much for bright, then, few days later, display dies all together. Happened on 4 out of 5 systems.

      Happy to find you folks. Just wanted to praise you and your company, your support via this sight is great. It was a royal pain re-writing all my code from C and learning a new language. Took three weeks for this ole slow guy. But as of this afternoon, it is up and running my app, talking to the Arduino host and watering plants in the greenhouse. Our firm has a quote out to a company that may use as many as 1000 units if things go well.
      this is us: