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Usability: new search dialog

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  • Usability: new search dialog

    I have been using the search dialog a few times now. In the beginning I thought: "Well, I won't use it very often, so I don't care about its usability." But after a few months of development in you IDE, the search dialog gets really annoying. It's the default Windows search dialog which, at least when using XP, is over 10 years old. Seriously, guys, I think it's time for a more useful one. Especially none where I have to define the direction in which to search, which usually means I have to make two consecutive searches.
    If you need inspiration for a good search dialog, take a look at TextMate for Mac for example.
    Oh, and while on it, maybe you can include a dialog to search and replace in all open files or files of a project (if such a feature is underway).

    Thanks, and please consider my recent posts as a try to help, not annoy or offend!