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No luck running example code

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  • No luck running example code

    Today in the mail I finally got my Goldelox-gfx2 128x128 serial display and a slim USB to serial adapter. I have a 512Meg flash card formatted as FAT and the jumper shorting pins 6 and 8. When I run Workshop3, load sample goldelox code, compile and load I always see an error that says "device not responding, check configuration, have you got an SGC PmmC loaded by mistake".
    I have no idea what this means and I see no configuration menu.
    The driver for the USB adapter is installed properly. Another thing is that the Destination is grayed out to RAM. You would think I could choose Flash as a distination.

    Any help wil be appreciated.

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    You need to do a bit more reading.

    Goldelox does not support FAT, so there is no point in formatting your card.

    The jumper is only relevant to SGC PmmCs so remove it.

    When you power up what kind of spash is present? A Color one that starts scrolling after a few seconds? (This indicates an SGC PmmC is loaded) A green one in the top left corner that blanks out after a few seconds? (This indicates a GFX PmmC which appears to eb what you want)


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      Configuration generally means the com port setup, is it set to the com port the display is attached to


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        I removed the jumper and noticed that when only power is applied that I do get a color scrolling logo.
        So I load a GFX PmmC, connect the slim USB to the display, leave the FAT formatted card in the holder I can run the example code?


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          Yep, should be OK then


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            Thanks for the help. I'll give it a try.
            When I select my display on the product page I see a GFX or SGC tab which describes both options to load. At the bottom it says that each is located on the downloads tab but when you look on the downloads tab all I see is: uOLED-128-G1GFX-R21.pmmc and uOLED-128-G1hGFX-R21.pmmc (for rev1h boards)
            There probably should be a GFX.pmmc and a SGC.pmmc file as described on the previous tab.


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              We have enough problems with people not understanding the difference between GFX and SGC without putting the two sorts of downloads on the same tab

              So you need to go back up to the products page and select the GFX of SGC product


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                Just letting you know that I loaded the GFX pmmc onto the display the sample code is running perfectly. The next step is to build from that. Thanks for your help. These displays are expensive and I was not about to start loading different pmmc files until absolutely sure that no damage could be done.
                Thanks again,Mike