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  • Serial Mode Slave Select

    Hi, I'm working on a circuit that uses a PIC chip to control a SOMO-14D and an ethernet chip using SPI. The ethernet chip has a slave select pin which allows the PIC to talk only to the SOMO but the SOMO doesn't appear to have anything like this. As a result the ethernet data may cause the SOMO to start doing things I don't want.

    Is there any way (other than keyed mode) that will allow me to disable the communication to the SOMO so I can send ethernet data? I do have the reset pin connected but the SOMO will need to continue playing while ethernet data is being sent.

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    I cannot see how you can control a SOMO over SPI. As far as I am aware you can only do it using a bitbacnged serial protocol, so you will always need two dedicated pins.