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Images to fullscreen to 800x480?

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  • Images to fullscreen to 800x480?


    I am working the uVGA-II (SGC)+LCDmonitor with resolution 800x480...
    I can fixed graphics (from FAT-controller and from Host) with this resolution: lines, circles, triangles, etc. It is working fine; no problem...

    But, when I send "bmp" image from PC using FAT-controller (look attach "cap20110608a.gif"), or when I send serial comand from Host (BASIC Stamp), I obtain an image cut to 320x240 ┬┐Why?

    I would like to show a background image to fullscreen in my LCDmonitor 800x480, but only it show a partial image (look attach "cap20110608b.gif").

    The latest uVGA-II-SGC-R19.PmmC file has been downloaded and installed.


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    Perhaps there is a difficult solution for this problem ...or is that the solution is so obvious that nobody dares to respond

    well, I understand it... I know that before is necessary to read the manuals very well and consult the discussions of this forum before asking (I am moderator of other forums!

    The problem is that I don't read english very well (sorry, my english is poor); even so, although I strive much to understand all the documentation in this language is very difficult for me to find solutions for the tests that I do with products of 4DSystems. I have printed all the manuals that I have read several times not without some difficulty...
    At the same time I am trying to offer support to the hispanic community (Latin America and Spain) for this products in spanish.

    If I do not obtain the necessary aid, understanding and the patience of the members of this excellent forum, I am afraid that it will cost months to me to advance in the use of this good products. In Spain they are very appreciated!

    Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    And now, there is somebody can give me a key, a small trick, a comand, a number pag.?


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      Sorry, I didn't have a uVGA handy to try when I first read your post, and then I forgot about it thinking you would work it out yourself.

      What you are seeing doesn't make sense. The FAT Controller is clearly sending 800x480 but your screen photo appears to show something that looks more like 320x240.

      So the only way that I can reconcile that to what I know happens internally is that your monitor must be trying to show something like 1920x1080.

      So I think you need to have a play with your monitor settings, or maybe try another monitor.


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        have you set it to 800x480

        I have only used it as a GFX version not serial but
        gfx_Set(SCREEN_RES,0) ; // 320x240, initial setting
        gfx_Set(SCREEN_RES,1) ; // 640x480
        gfx_Set(SCREEN_RES,2) ; // 800x480

        so possibly the serial would default to that also

        Possible the attached on general tab - only guessing

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          Thanks, ESPsupport & Kaddrison!I am using the command "Display control Functions" (59hex, "Y" in serial way) for a resolution of 800x480, just as it is seen in Kaddrison's attached Image...Mmmm... Well, I am going to try to simplify the verification in the Fat-Controller (mode: No display) before testing more in Serial way:

          I activate the resolution of screen to 800x480 ("uVGA II Control Commands": Display res -> Set to 2; look attached images)

          I load an image of 800x480 exactly.

          Now I ask: The simulate-screen would have to visualize the complete image 800x480 just by these 2 steps?
          It is necessary to realise some step or to use some command more?

          According to what you respond to me, I can continue investigating...
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            The problem is within the version of FAT Controller that is on the Web. We need to get a newer version loaded. (it is using the 'initial' screen resolution rather than the changed one, so you could fudge it by creating a .4dROM file using DISP that started in 800x480, if you really want to see it working before the web site is updated)

            So, if you use something other than FAT Controller (like your target platform) it will work just fine.

            I can't imagine why you would want to send an image this way though, for 800x480 it would be sooooo sloooow.