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    some progress...
    The values above, is in UTF-8, while the cyrillic ASCII-codes (unicode) needs to be in UTF-16. So i guess i'm needing some sort of UTF-8 to UTF-16 convertion function.

    The Arduino serial monitor doesn't support UTF-8 at all, hence the wierd characters,

    more info here:


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      Hmm, ok. Judging from what you have posted it looks like you are using Arduino.

      After looking and googling and looking some more it appears that Arduino uses UTF8 for it's encoding. At least it stores the cryllic characters that way in the source and then they 'flow' through and come out that way at the other end (i.e. 0xD09F rather than 0x041F).

      For some reason they don't see the need to support unicode (UTF8 is not Unicode) and seem to expect 'you' to convert from UTF8 to Unicode on your target system, even though a) Arduino doesn't actually use UTF8, b) UTF8 is not a font, c) why add another layer on your target system, etc.

      I suspect UTF8 is more of a *nix thing and maybe that's why they cling to it, no idea.

      Anyway, I have written a small app to 'help' Arduino do the right thing for you. Type your Cryllic (or whatever) into the app and it will create a 'proper Unicode' representation that can be pasted into Arduino.

      Let me know how you get on with it


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        Oh, sorry, i didn't see your reply until now, when you mentioned it on the other thread. Too bad the forum don't send out notifications on ones threads, maybe it's a setting, i'll check it out.

        However, thanx alot for your info. Now i know all my testing and investigation wasn't in vain. It's just not possible to use unicode characters directly, not in an easy way anyway.

        I did my own script in Excel, that does the same thing as your app. So we we're on the same path.
        Sorry for wasting your time in vain.


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          I'm playing around with this according to this thread. The settings of the strings field I changed to Unicode and as a font I am using Arial Unicode MS.

          So now I am getting this message:GCI file expected to exceed 200MB, have you inadvertedly created a gauge with a large number of values, perhaps? Do you want to continue?

          What does that mean?

          Thanks !


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            It means just what it says, many people create huge GCIs without realizing that they have made a mistake with the number of values in a gauge.

            In your case this may be correct, as an large Arial Unicode font could exceed 200MB. I created a 40point unicode font and it came in at 355MB.

            You can change the file size at which this message occurs in File, Options, Warnings


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              ahh okk, thanks !