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Grayscale picture but get package like JPEG methode

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  • Grayscale picture but get package like JPEG methode

    is it possible to get the raw pixel data with communication method like JPEG package? i need to get the grayscale pixel but the burst pixel byte data is not suitable for my application(i got only 2KB of RAM)

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    No, sorry, not possible.

    Not sure what you are going to do with that much RAM anyway

    Can you slow the baud rate enough to process the data as you receive it?

    What about 80x60 in 2 bit color, that only uses 1200 bytes?


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      i try to make an aerial remote control satellite system(fly with rocket launcher and navigate with parachute--so free navigation anyway,hehehe)
      the image spec from the client is in raw grayscale 200pixel x 200pixel(around 40KB of raw data), thats why i need huge amount of RAM
      but my design now is only for live transmit, not taking care of that huge amount of data(i though at first seeing this cam module, i can get the raw data like jpeg mode, package by package)
      after seeing that jpeg at 320x240 is only cost around 10KB of data, then i might just use it(the he*k with the client spec though )