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    This section of FAQ for "Camera Modules" covers all the frequently asked questions related to,
    1. uCAM-TTL
    2. uCAM-232
    3. uCAM529-TTL
    4. uCAM529-232
    5. uCAM-DEMO Software Tool

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    Q01. How can i set the uCAM to send packets of Raw images?

    Ans. Raw images do not need packet size.


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      Q02. Why are there 4 types of camera modules, what is the difference?

      Ans. uCAM-TTL and uCAM-232 are based on OV528 controller chip while uCAM529-TTL and uCAM529-232 are based on OV529 controller chip. TTL or 232 represents the Serial UART signal levels. That make 4 types of camera modules. See the Datasheets for more details,


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        Q03. Why can't I achieve 1228800 baud rate with the uCAM-232 and uCAM529-232?

        Ans. With the RS232 signal levels it is really difficult to obtain the complete swing at such high baud rate. 115200 is the maximum reliable baud rate with RS232 signal levels.


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          Q04. If the last packet has lesser bytes of data, how is the rest of the packet filled?

          Ans. If the last packet has lesser bytes of data then it is short, so you need to calculate the size of last packet using the total size, packet size and number of packets.


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            Q05. Do I have OV528 based uCAM or O529 based one?

            Ans. Check the chip on the back of the board.


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              Q06. How do i go about changing the baud rate?

              Ans. Send the change baud rate command. The Camera module responds with an ACK in the changed baud rate. The host should change the baud rate right after issuing the command so it can receive the correct ACK from the camera module.


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                Q07. What kind of frame rates can i get with the jpg images at 115200 Baud?Ans. You can get jpg images with 115200 Baud at following frame rates,

                Frame size
                Image Size
                Frame rate

                160x128 Approx. 2016Bytes 2.13fps
                320x240 Approx. 4136Bytes 1.12fps
                640x480 Approx. 9356Bytes 0.52fps


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                  Q08. On my camera module there is a 16pin IC missing?

                  Ans. The 16 pin IC is a MAX232 chip (TTL-RS232 level converter) which is only installed on the 232 camera modules. If you bought a TTL camera module, this chip is not needed.


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                    Q09. I saw some connection images of the camera modules and i am confused about the power requirements?Ans. Module Version Power Comments
                    uCAM-TTL OV528 3.3V 5V can be used for short term testing/debugging
                    uCAM529-TTL OV529 5V
                    uCAM-232 OV528 5V
                    uCAM529-232 OV529 5V


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                      Q10. Does the 529 camera module support raw images?

                      Ans. No! It doesn't.


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                        Q11. I need the specifications of the white 4pin connector on the uCAM and its mating female connector?

                        Ans. See the male and matching female connector specs from the following link.



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                          Q12. When I click "Save Image" button, the image is saved in bmp format even though i set the image format to jpg before getting the picture?

                          Ans. The jpg conversion takes place within the camera module when jpg format is selected. Once the image is received it is saved in bmp so no more image data is lost.


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                            Q13. What size sensor is used in the OV528 camera modules and can I get wider angles of vision than 120 degree?

                            Ans. There is a 1/4" sensor on the OV528 based camera modules and the maximum angle of vision you can get with it is 120 degree. Using a wider angle lens such as 150 degree or 170 degree would not improve the Angle of vision because the sensor size is limiting it.


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                              Q14. What size sensor is used in the OV529 camera modules and can I get wider angles of vision than 90 degree?

                              Ans. There is a 1/6" sensor on the OV529 based camera modules and the maximum angle of vision you can get with it is 90 degree.

                              Exception: 120 degree angle of vision can be obtained with an IR Cut Filter Lens only. The lens without IR Cut filter does not screw enough in to the lens holder to get the focus.