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Powering a uOLED32028-P1T with a uUSB-CE5

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  • Powering a uOLED32028-P1T with a uUSB-CE5

    Hello everyone,

    does anyone else have problems with powering a uOLED32028-P1T with a uUSB-CE5? In my case it doesn't seem to get enough current. It causes some kind of flickering on the display and sometimes the uSD card is not mounted correctly.

    I tried to use the software, that is designed for use with the uUSB-MB5 but it can't find the controller.

    Any ideas for solutions? Thanks!

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    The CE5 should supply adequate power without issues

    Have you checked the cable connecting the CE5 to the computer? Some are so 'lightweight' that they cannot supply enough power.

    Also, have you checked the computer and any other USB decives you have attached? Sometimes they just can't supply enough.


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      Thanks for the fast reply, it must be night at your place in Australia? :-)

      It says that the converter draws 90 mA, 500 mA should be available with no other devices connected.

      The cable should be ok, it's about 1 meter in length.


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        Yep it sure is night time

        500ma should be available at each USB socket, one of my computers has 500ma TO SHARE across all USB sockets, not right and not fair.

        Can you try measuring the 5v into the CE5 and see what it drops to when the display is attached? Maybe measure it for a while to see if it fluctuates