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uLCD32PT block copy-paste command

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  • uLCD32PT block copy-paste command

    I am trying to create a windowing system using the block copy and paste command but i am having trouble using the command. In FAT controller when i try to put in the X,Y and Width and Length parameters i get a no response from the display. And the area im trying to copy isn't pasted.

    is there a something i have to do in order to get this command to work properly?
    Bradley Gibson

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    FAT Controller 'times out' commands after a 'reasonable' amount of time. For the block copy paste command this is 2 seconds.

    I can copy an area of 240x220 in 1.97 secs so if you tried anything much larger than that you will get 'no response'.

    Which shouldn't cause much of a problem as FAT Controller is just a test tool.

    But you say the area isn't being copied, can't quite follow that. Can you paste the FAT Controller log?