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uLCD-24PT 6V tolerant ?

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  • uLCD-24PT 6V tolerant ?

    Hi,is it possible to run a uLCD-24PT on 6v (4x1.5 alkaline) without damaging it ? (the doc says: "4.0V to 5.5V range operation (single supply)." - I know).
    Best regards,Wolfgang

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    The datasheet usually notes an absolute maximum rating. This is the voltage that you would break your unit. If the datasheet does not specify an absolute maximum value, assume 5.5V as the maximum.

    Put 2 diodes in serie with each other and the battery +. A diode has an approx voltage drop of 0.7V, so 2 diode will have a drop of 1.4V which will give you 6 - 1.4 = 4.6V.

    you could also just use 1 diode which will result in 6 - 0.7 = 5.3V.

    This is not an ideal solution but is the quickest and cheapest.