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uVGA and Avi files resolution 800X480

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  • uVGA and Avi files resolution 800X480

    I have an avi file in my sd card that have 798 frames
    the problem is that it have a delay from one frame to other.
    I have made the avi file from jpg pictures and a trnscasion effect between the pictures. The delay at each picture is 1 sec and the duration of the trans effect is 1 sec. I play this avi to my computer and have the timimg as above.
    When I pass it from the composer and copy the dat , cgi file at sd card the timing is incrase to 3 sec for each picture and 3 second for each efect.

    is there any solution?

    ***** when I compile it for 400x240 the timing is going to correct but I want 800x480
    I prefer that there is a module with 1600 ..... or even more with HDMI output

    B) how can I increase the refres rate ? Now the monitor and horizontal lines shows in the picture.
    75Hz will be ok


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    You haven't said how you have created the file on uSD (FAT or RAW).

    I think you are saying you have created a movie consisting of slides with transition effects and then imported that into GC to create a slideshow effect on your uVGA.

    If that is what you have done then you need to consider a few things, your movie will be at 25 or 30 frames per second (not sure which for Greece). The uVGA at that resolution will only run at about 2.4 fps, so you need to adjust the frame rate when you create the slide transition so it works out properly.

    I suspect you have partially done that as you are only getting it 3x slower than desired.

    If you use the uSD in RAW mode you will get better performance than FAT mode. A larger capacity uSD card in FAT mode will also perform better than a smaller one.

    I prefer that there is a module with 1600 ..... or even more with HDMI output
    Maybe you should be looking for a 'picture frame' with the required features, the uVGA is not designed for this sort of thing.

    The refresh rate is set to 60hz as per the 'standard' for that resolution. Whilst you could change it I doubt that this is causing the observed issues, try the other suggestions first