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Question about the uLCD, Graphics composer and PICASO-MD2

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  • Question about the uLCD, Graphics composer and PICASO-MD2

    Hi there!

    I am a new user. I am looking to buy the ╬╝LCD-320-PMD2 for a new product for the company I work at. But before that I need to confirm the following-

    1) Is it necessary to upgrade to the latest PmmC? This would tell me if I need to order the USB module too.

    2) I cant find the webpage for the PICASO-MD2 module. I need to present information about OEM bulk order costs for this module to my department.

    3) When is the 3.2" LCD anticipated to be released?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Hello MrKodi,
    To ensure the optimum funcionalities, is highly recomended to upgrade to latest firmware that you can found for the uLCD-320-PMD2 here:

    This can be done by using de uUSB-CE5 converter and is fully compatible with all device (so you can upgrade more than one device with them).

    All additional information about PICASO-MD2 controller is on the product page. You can found it here:

    Hoppefully, the new model of 3,2" is expeted to be released in few weeks. For now, you must wait a bit more.

    Oscar G.
    Oscar G.
    4D Systems Software Engineering


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      Thank you very much for your prompt reply... sorry mine was not.....

      I have the uLCD with me now and am in love with it... however, I have one problem which I shall post in a new thread.

      Thanks again!