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Moving Programs via PC Serial

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  • Moving Programs via PC Serial

    Maybe there should be a sticky thread on this. I've seen some discussions about this already, but none that I can find again or that answer this specific question.

    I'm using a FT232RL breakout board from Sparkfun to program my uLCD 144 and it's working fine. The project I built was for a friend of mine and there was some new code that we needed to upload to the display.

    I forgot my USB to serial card but I thought, "No worries, he's got a serial cable I can hack apart I'm sure, we'll just connect that to the PC."

    I connected DTR, Tx, and Rx from the cable to the uLCD and the system did not pulse the DTR like it does on my USB to Serial. It just kept it at "0" and would not release the reset unless I pulled the wire.

    I'm wondering if there's a windows setting I'm missing or something special about the FT232RL. I can't imagine there is, but I've been surprised before.

    Is anyone going straight from a PC serial port to their uLCD and did you have to do anything special?

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    the biggest difference is voltage - true serial will be +- 15V (30V swing) and its inverted to what you want! - at least you will need a MAX232 type IC


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      We no longer support the use of any device for programming other than our own.

      Too many issues like you have noted.

      And playing around trying to get it to work often leads to a dead display, not worth the effort.