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uVGA-II(GFX) interface to touchscreen

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  • uVGA-II(GFX) interface to touchscreen

    Hello. I have a question about interfacing a 4-wire resistive touchscreen with the uVGA-II(GFX). I know that the uVGA does not have native touch screen capabilities but if I used an Arduino with the touchscreen connected to the Arduinos' analog input pins and read the co-ordinates from the screen that way; could I then send the X and Y co-ordinates to the uVGA. I am relatively new to microcontrollers and this kind of stuff in general but I have done a lot of research and feel that I have a firm grasp of how these things work. This is going to possibly be a part of my high school Independent Study project.

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    You should be able to work out the touch using Arduino and then send the information across to the uVGA using a serial port, similar to the mouse demo

    Your programs would need to be a bit different, but you should be able to write a few routines to make everything 'almost' the same.

    BTW what display/touchscreen are you thinking of using?


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      I am using an LCD screen I took out of an old LCD TV and I got a controller for the screen that had VGA input on it so that's the screen. Now the touch screen will probably be a 4-wire resistive style touch screen. I plan to hook up the 4 wires that correspond to each axis up to the analog inputs on an Arduino Uno board and will have the Arduino continuously grabbing the co-ordinates of a touch. Because the mouse demo is using a buffered input from a COM port if I understand the code right, then I guess I can use the serial outputs on the Arduino to send the values of each co-ordinate to the PICASO chip on the uVGA. The Uno board doesn't have a 5V power out if I remember right so I will have to figure that out at some point. If you see any glaring flaws in my logic just let me know. Thanks for the help!