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uVGA-II-SGC blank :(

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  • uVGA-II-SGC blank :(

    i have buy uVGA II SGC
    1st time i have succes using the command from rs232

    and i want to tried upload file uVGA-II-SGC-R19.PmmC
    and about 50%progress the software PMMC loader is hang.

    and now my device is blank
    no any display on my LCD.
    i have tried upload again and noting happen

    i'm sure my power,and rs232 interface is good.

    can help me?

    sorry for my bad english

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    What do you mean by 'nothing happen'? What is the message displayed?

    What is the number on the top of the Picaso chip?

    What are you using to connect the display to your computer?


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      no display on my 17"LCD (BLANK)
      no data respon on rs232

      POWER 5V is ok.

      nn PMMCloader when i click "LOAD"
      try upload "uVGA-II-SGC-R19.PmmC"
      load status : Waiting for device...
      and no progress

      i think the boodloader on my uVGA SGC is error. so the device is heng from 1st power on.


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        The bootloader is not overwritten, if you get an error during download you should be able to restart it.

        How are you connecting the uVGA to your computer? A Ce5, MB5 or a 4D programming cable?


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          I'm using usb to uart(ttl) from arduino
          Just connect 5V,gnd tx and rx

          So what is the uVGA-II-SGC-R19.PmmC file for? That not bootloader?

          What happen if we fail loading that file on about 50% progress loading? (Lost power example)


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            I hope any solution for my problem, couse I need order order about 75pcs next weak


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              You can't program a PmmC from Arduino, you need to use a 4D 'USB to Serial Converter Modules' (CE5, MB5 or 4D programming cable) There are so many variations that are 'different' that we cannot support the use of anything other than our modules. This is stated on the product pages:-
              Warranty Note:
              PmmC or 4DGL programming should only be carried out using any one of the 4D Programming modules (4D Programming Cable, uUSB-MB5, uUSB-CE5). Any malfunction because of custom or third party USB to Serial converters or Serial(RS232) to Serial(TTL) level converters will void the warranty.

              It also applies to all 4D products which require an interface from the PC to the module for testing using 4D Software Test Tools.

              It applies to all the purchases on or after 1st of July 2011. As for what is a PmmC, see Q1 in here


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                i use
                but sorry i don't ask about warranty.

                please just respon my quastion.
                What happen if we fail loading that file on about 50% progress loading? (Lost power example) if i use your TTL cable?

                btw i don't see the diffrent between my USBTTL and 4D Programming Cable, uUSB-MB5, uUSB-CE5

                and my next quastion.
                CGS and GFX just diffrent PMMC or diffrent the hardware?


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                  To properly program the chip the Reset line needs to be correctly connected to DTR. Lots of third party cables either don not connect this properly or do not connect it at all.

                  If your loading step is at 50% it SHOULD be possible to simply restart the load, if you are using the correct cable.

                  SGC and GFX are just different PmmC


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                    so my status device now is broke?
                    and no way to repaire?
                    if i buy your ttl cable can to repaire ?


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                      If you buy our cable there is a chance (I'd hope a good one, but can't really say) that it will load properly with it


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                        if i buy your cable.
                        can i repair my uVGA?

                        and any warranty if i upload PMMC using your cable the uvga will not broke whent i fail upload like my problem?

                        and if i send back my uvga to you can you repair? and how about the cost?


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                          Return your uVGA-II module back to us and we'll repair it if it's faulty (free of charge). Order the 4D programming cable and we can ship both back to you. Get in touch with (support at 4dsystems dot com dot au) and include a link to this post.


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                            i have email please check atilla