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Confusion about Goldelox capabilities

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  • Confusion about Goldelox capabilities

    Hi guys,
    one of my fundamental problems using the Goldelox Platform is lack of memory management (at least this is what the specs say).
    However, I've found a number of entries in this subforum concerning the latter (mem_Alloc...). Are these in the wrong forum or am I missing out on something?

    BTW - where do custom fonts reside? I hope they won't chew up even more of my precious RAM ;-)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Ferdinand,
    Goldelox does not use RAM for font storage, however, fonts do use code space as they are placed in a DATA statement which lives in the code space.
    But, if you create your own custom fonts as images and save them to uSD card, you have a great range of capabilites.
    have a look at this demo, at some point you will see some orange 7seg characters.

    These are actually images saved on the uSD card.

    Oh, and there is no memory management, you only have a small amount of ram to support the graphics 'glue logic'


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      I don't think I will run out of code space, that's fine for me.
      >Oh, and there is no memory management
      Didn't think so ;-) .
      I frequently read code snippets in this forum that won't work on Goldelox and thought maybe there was some beta version that supports these.