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Multiple devices on one serial buss

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  • Multiple devices on one serial buss

    Hi, first post warning.
    Wading through megs of your ref material over the last couple of days. I hope I have absorbed enough to ask an intelligent question.
    I bought the Picaso uVGA board and preliminary check out shows it to be functioning normally.
    I must give you kudos for delivering a very capable device at a great price point. For the money I don't want to try and burden you with anything other then a yes/no question.
    I have an application that would work best if the uVGA can share the TX and RX lines with other devices. For the sake of an clear example, let's say I want to use multiple uVGA with a single master controller. Something like the multiple screens showing arrival and departures in an airport.
    I need the uVGA to ignore all serial transmission until a pin on port has a state change. All devices on the buss will then listen for a unique identifier that will single it out as the one the data transmission is meant for. The rest of the devices will ignore further transmissions. The device selected will then go through a interchange with the master controller and upon completing the transaction go back into wait for port pin signal.
    Is this possible with the existing device?

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    sounds like you need RS-232 from the master to RS485 and 485 back to 232 for each uVGA - the master then sends the commands and uVGA reply - something like the MAX485 chip should do it.