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Picaso GFX image load problem

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  • Picaso GFX image load problem

    I am trying to load images to a uLCD-32PT which is loaded with the PmmC "uLCD-32PTGFX-R25.PmmC".

    I have created a .gci and a .dat file using graphics composer

    I have attempted to load these files from the graphics card using the example code "IMAGES.4dg".

    The function "file_LoadImageControl" always fails if I try to load my files. However it works with the example files ("GFX2DEMO.dat" and "GFX2DEMO.gci") and with other files downloadable from this forum

    In my .dat file each image is listed with parameters totalling 12 hex characters, the last 4 being the default coordinates defined in Graphics Composer. However, in the .dat files which I have found to work each image is accompanied by only 8 characters of data.

    Did something get changed in GC requiring a different method of loading the files?

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    The default coordinates did not exist in files created by an early version GC, regardless this will not be the cause of the problem you are seeing.

    Are you using 8.3 filenames for your GC file? The the FAT16 file system on the display does not support long file names, so to access the file on the card you will need to use it's 8.3 (or short) filename. If you don't know the 'rule' to convert long names to short names, do a dir /x from the command prompt, this will give you both the long and short names.


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      I should have said - that was indeed my problem and it was easily fixed once I had that information.

      So thanks very much, good support from 4D Systems there.


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        I have tried everything but after loading the deveice and saving the .dat and .gci file into the usd card and installing it on the module shows ."Mounting..."help out..


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          This is the 4th time you have asked this question. Have you carried out the actions requested of you in response to the first time you asked it?