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  • Direct GRAM access

    Hi guys,
    I'm still having trouble with the amount of RAM available on Goldelox.
    I read about a 'hack' ( IMHO ;-) ) in this forum that uses GRAM to extend the amount of available memory for SD-write.

    a) Can I do that aswell?
    b) How do I do that?
    c) Using a 128x160 display, can I use all (255 - 128) x (255 - 160) invisible pixels for other purposes without the user noticing?

    Are there any other options to extend memory, apart from swapping out RAM to SD? (speed is secondary)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Well you could use that extra display memory, if it really existed.

    Assuming you are talking about the uOLED-160-G1, it uses the SEPS525 display driver which only has 128x160 pixels on it.

    If you were thinking about using only part of the display, you could probably use the rest of it as memory.

    The uSD card is probably the best bet.

    Would you like to share with us how much memory you need and what for? Maybe some other options might become aparent if we knew.


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      I've developed a bytecode language to describe individual pages within my UI.
      This is stored on the SD card and is interpreted by Goldelox (no branches, loops etc.). One individual page is probably at most 400 bytes long.
      If I could keep the current page in RAM, I could dedicate a number of fields for each of the page's UI-elements for storage of temporary values, such as current animation step - the next best thing to object orientation.
      I could do it without the above, but it would greatly simplify my job. Also, the max size of a COM message needs to be around 40 bytes, so I need 40 bytes for the combuffer + another 40 to patch together the message and process it.
      In the end what I'd need is about 512b more memory, as I said speed isn't much of an issue. I have plenty of program memory available can I use that?

      BTW, I know this is a rather exotic application for Goldelox , I have my reasons


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        I think you'd be best off using uSD as memory