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GCI File confusion

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  • GCI File confusion

    Hi All,

    May I know how can I open GCI formatted images by using any computer software?

    I manage to load the gci formatted image by loading the code of PICASO GFX2 according to tutorial.

    Do I have to convert the .gci file in my SD card to bitmap or jpeg if I want to open up the image by using card reader?

    How can I convert gci file back to Bitmap or JPEG?


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    There is no program to do this.

    Not sure why you would want to.

    If you have lost the original of your image there is a copy of it in the gcfile.GCS.D folder on the computer you created the GCI files on


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      I want to do this because I want to create an image on the 32PT by scanning a piece of material. I can save the scanned image in uSD card by using screen capture function which the image will be saved in gci and dat format, so I have no idea on how to open the image by computer by just reading the uSD card with a card reader. That's why I have to know a way to convert the gci file into bitmap or jpeg form.

      Is there any programming function that I can save my image in Bitmap or gif or jpeg format?

      Thank you.


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        Download the PoGa Utility

        Run the included GCI2BMP (hmm this is not the program that should be in this zip, never mind)

        Use 'View folder' to open the GCI file. The image should be displayed on the screen.

        Click Save and the image will be saved as a BMP in the same folder as the GCI file and with the name of the GCI file.

        Ignore the other options, you shouldn't need them and they could end up being confusing, which was why this program was meant to be different to the one it is.


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          Thanks for the help. It works amazingly.


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            When I was using GCI2BMP, sometimes an error pops up said "Read beyond end of file" when I was loading certain GCI files.
            May I know how to fix the error? Thank you.


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              When you open a 'second' or subsequent GCI and the position in the previous GCI is greater than the size of the new GCI you will get this.

              Change the frame back to 0 and/or click 'scan' and select one of the listed images/videos.


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                The error is still existed for the GCI that are screencaptured and saved in the SD card. The programme works fine with the GCI that are converted by graphic composer.
                Is that a way that I can attach a GCI here so that you can have a look on the GCI whether they are screencaptured and saved correctly? Because I am not sure whether it is a problem of GCI file or problem of GCI2BMP.


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                  Um, can you add a single byte to the end of the file and see what happens, got a feeling that might fix it?

                  If you place the GCI in a zip file, you should be able to attach it to a post


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                    Attached are some GCI File that I screencaptured.

                    Can you please take a look on those GCI and see if you are able to load those GCI?

                    Thank you.

                    Attached files (13.9 KB)


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                      And those files are screencaptured by the code attached after I type in the name using touchkeyboard and "ok" is hit.

                      Thank you.

                      Attached files KEYCAP.4dg (16.2 KB)


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                        What PmmC version are you using?

                        You seem to have a bug that was fixed in 2.4 (we are up to 2.7 now)


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                          I updated and I managed to load any load the GCI now. Thanks a lot.
                          Would you please help me with this post as well ?
                          Thanks in advance.


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                            Can someone provide a direct link to the file? The PoGa website is down.

                            Ok , Nevermind. I've found a solution. I can use gfx_GetPixel and store the pixel data
                            as a raw file. The latest beta version of GIMP can open 565 raw data and export to BMP.


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                              I'd also need the GCI2BMP program to convert algorithmically generated and MC card (fat) stored .gci files.Unfortunately the site (hopefully containing the utility)"PoGa Utility"Is not reachable.Is there any other way to reach this utility ?Thanks in advance.
                              Many thanks for the link below !