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Name a Screen Captured Image by touchscreen keypad

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  • Name a Screen Captured Image by touchscreen keypad


    Does anyone know how to name a screen captured image by using the touchscreen keypad itself ? So the screen captured image will be saved directly in the uSD card as what you type in from the touchscreen keypad.

    The reason I want to make this approach is that I won't have to open up the programming code to change the title for a created image every time before I screen capture the image.

    I am using the 32PT PICASO GFX2. Thanks.

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    I don't understand, the ScreenCopyFAT command accepts a filename parameter.

    Are you using a third party library of functions?


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      For example, I have made a scanned image over a piece of material, I want to save it and name the scanned image by just naming it using the programmed touchscreen keypad on the spot without connect the 32PT to computer, which means I do not have to use 4D Workshop to name the scanned image. I can simply hit the touchscreen keypad and name the scanned image, then the gci file will be saved in uSD card.
      Can you see what I am saying?

      Any idea or advice for me?


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        Can you paste the code you are using?


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          So far I have not developed the code because I am not sure if picaso gfx2 is able to do what I mentioned above.
          Right now, I know I can save the image into uSD card by using 4D Workshop ScreenCapture function. But I am not sure if I can program it and make it able to allow me to name the created or scanned image by naming it with touchscreen keypad at anyway and hit a created "save" button on the screen to save the image without connecting to PC.
          Then I can take out the uSD card and read the scanned image by using a card reader.
          Can you imagine what I am saying? Is it a way I can create a "Title" as a parameter for a scanned image by just typing in the title on the screen itself?


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            Ahh you want a touchkeyboard?

            The is one in the samples somewhere, but it will need a bit of work to make it go.


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              Exactly. But I want the touchkeyboard is not only showing only a single alphabet like what I found in one of the samples. I want to modified the touchkeyboard where it is able to allow me to key in whole title such as "Image1","Image2" and so on and then hit "save" button on the screen. Then, the image will be saved in uSD drive automatically.
              Is there any references or examples that you can recommend for me?


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                I can't think of anything atm.

                That's why the samples are there, so you can build on them


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                  I've attached a couple of keyboard demos that do build a string, prehaps you can modify them

                  I've also attached a picture of a graphical keyboard that will become available in 4DVisi at a future date

                  Attached files (7.2 KB)