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    hi @all.

    I use the Graphics Composer with a uVGA-PICASOMD1 and uVGA-PICASOMD1-UB connected to PC with a 4d-Micro-USB.

    The Demo runs perfectly with a CRT and programming with PmmCLoader.exe the file "uVGA-PICASO-MD1_Rev2.pmmc" runs also perfectly but if I check out the device information the pop-up-window shows "Unknown (15hex)". With this 'unknown' device I am unable to load something on the uVGA.

    So what is the problem?

    kind regards

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    Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. The uVGA-PICASO-MD1 PmmC Rev2 does not currently have support for the uSD hardware on the uVGA-PICASOMD1-UB Baseboard. My understanding is that 4D Systems intends to provide full uSD card support in a later PmmC release. If you look at the uVGA-PICASO-MD1 User Manual, you'll notice that the uSD commands (ReadByte, WriteByte, ReadSector, WriteSector, etc. are conspicuously absent - see page 10, under the heading "Extended Command Set").

    The lack of uSD support is the reason that the Graphics Composer does not recognize the device (it's listed under "supported devices" in the GC User Manual Ver. 1.1 with a "future support" note.

    The problem that you experienced trying to display the Version Information using the "V" command appears to be a bug in the Rev2 PmmC (my testing produces the same results (0x15, NAK returned) even though the Rev2 PmmC loads OK.

    I know the guys at the 4D "Sweat Shop" have been really busy with a number of new products and getting 4DGL ready for both the PICASO and very soon the GOLDELOX platforms. I'm sure they'll have a Rev3 PmmC for us when things settle down a bit.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but maybe this delay will give you a chance to experiment with the new 4DGL platform until the uSD support is available. ;-)

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      I having a similar problem, I receive a NAK 0x15 when I request the version 'V', 0x01. Is there a workaround for this?