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uLCD-32pt data aquisition system

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  • uLCD-32pt data aquisition system

    Hi Everybody,

    I have just gotten my hands on a uLCD-32pt display and am new to how they work, but have some previous experience with embedded programming. My goal is to use it to simply display data that is read through the serial port and store that data on an SD card for logging. I have downloaded all of the necessary software (workshop IDE, pmmc files, etc.) and am looking forward to getting started.

    Some background:
    My project involves using the display as a data acquisition tool for a hybrid-electric vehicle. Data will be provided by an ECU (info links here and here) which will have a bunch of sensors connected to it. Ideally, the ECU will provided the sensor data (voltage values), which can be read serially and displayed on my uLCD-32pt display.

    I have a couple of questions before getting started:

    Should I set the display as master or slave?
    I have been reading and my understanding is that master is the better choice as it can poll the serial port to receive the data from the ECU.

    What is the best way to read in the data?
    I'm assuming that I can just poll and convert/store the data in a buffer for displaying.

    How would I log the data? Simply write to a file on the SD card or is there more involved?

    Sorry if I seem clueless right now, just getting started and reading through all manuals and any other available material I can find. Any other advice/help would be much appreciated! (also to make sure I am on the right track, or if anybody know of a similar project). I will keep this post up to date as I make my way through this project in case anybody wants to use it as a future reference.

    Thanks for your help!

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    All your assumptions seem valid at the moment.

    Of course, once it all starts rolling the gremlins might change things a bit.