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Will the 3.2" LCD-TFT work with the BeagleBone?

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  • Will the 3.2" LCD-TFT work with the BeagleBone?

    I've been researching and studying the Beagle Bone's schematics and documentations for a few hours as well as the 3.2" 4DGL-Platform LCD-TFT Module (Source:

    It seems the 3.2" LCD needs a minimum of 4v to power it, will this be possible to run with the Beagle Bone even tho all the GPIO pins are 3.3v, maybe with a resistor? (The beagle bone documentation declares that their are 5v pins but I couldn't specifics of voltage for the pin headers).

    I emailed 4d systems asking them if it will work together and they replied that it will work with the Beagle board
    when I asked them for the Beagle bone
    - It's really easy mistake to make, I understand I don't blame them but could some one else shed a little light on this for me - Can this LCD screen work with the beagle bone?

    Beagle Bone page:
    LCD Display:

    (The one I purchased at spark fun:

    I'm new here and I like the products 4d systems has(from YouTube experience) I hope to be apart of this community and help contribute so thanks for your help in advance!

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    An online buddy of mine suggested I buy a USB to power cable and hook up the 4v-5v pin to the USB power as they are all 5v. I ordered the cable, we'll see what happens.


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      We are not familiar with Beagle.

      The display needs 5v mainly for the LCD Backlight and the Audio Amp.

      The pins on the display are 3.3v so you should have no trouble connecting it to the Beagle.


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        I used an Arduino Mega to power the Display and that worked just fine. Now I'm attempting to figure out how to use the Cloud9 IDE that came with the BeagleBone's web browser interface. How should i got about talking/sending data to the Display?


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          Is there no forums for the BeagleBone ?

          Sounds like you should be asking there


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            Update: I found a 5v pin while reading the BeagleBone documentation so I no longer have to use an Arduino to power the LCD display.

            Have conntected the LCD display's TX connection to the UART1_RX connection and then the LCD's RX connection to the BeagleBones UART1_TX pin.

            Everything seems to be working fine nothing is running hot - Dosen't anyone know how to use Beagle Bones pre-packaged Linux (named Angstrom) to send commands through the pins? and if so what commands need to be sent to display onto the LCD display?

            @kaddrison: anyone with linux embedded systems knowledge should be able to answer my question this isn't a restricted to those whom own a BeagleBone. I for one just don't have the knowledge to send the correct values to/from the LCD display and the BeagleBone which is why I came here for the LCD & linux experts not the BeagleBone & linux experts.


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              A couple of links that may help to get you started:-