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SOMO14 Audio problem

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  • SOMO14 Audio problem

    Somo 14 only read the first message (stand alone mode), and not the whole message, only about two seconds. may be it's impossible to record and read a sound message longer than 2 seconds ?
    and on the board it's written REV1, may be it's the old version of Somo and it's normal it's doesn't really work in stand alone mode ?

    If anyone have some informatios.
    thank you so much.


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    Could you provide your setup details, such as,
    -Connection details
    -uSD card brand, formatting and size
    -.ad4 files
    -Supply voltage


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      I use a sandisk 2Gb micro SD card formatted in FAT16 on Windows XP.
      I tested this card and it's ok.
      The supply is made with 7805 regulator and 3 x1N4007 in serial to obtain 3.45V
      for the SOMO module and I put a 220uF on his VCC/GND pins.
      all it's monted on a breadboard.

      The command buttons seem not working fine.
      If i push "PLAY"/"STOP" button : fthe first time I hear a begining of a recorded sound and then nothing more.If i push it a second time no sound, the third time this cycle do again the same.

      With "NEXT" button I have the same operation but with another piece of another recorded sound.

      With "PREVIOUS" button nothing happen except a little "cliq" sound.

      To resume I hear just about one second of two different recorded sound with
      "PLAY"/"STOP" button and "NEXT" button in stand alone mode.

      thank for your help


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        I forgot : I use the AD4 filesexamples downloaded on your website


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          apparently things look fine, If you could just post your connection details, we would be certain that the setup is correct. It may as well be a loose connection on the bread board or a dodgy uSD card. The uSD card needs to support SPI signals. There are duplicate uSD cards with popular brand names in the market that fail to work with SOMO-14D modules because they do not support SPI.
          So, if you could try a different uSD card and see if it works to prove the point.


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            I'm using schematics on your datasheet REV5 : stand alone key mode application
            i did the same connections and i also tried a LEXAR uSD card 2Gb, but doesn't work. But on the PCB it's written REV1, is it the problem ?