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Eagle Library Part for uLCD43PT Display

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  • Eagle Library Part for uLCD43PT Display

    Good evening all...

    I was wanting to get a start on creating a LIB objects for some of the existing 4D display units starting with the 43, and was wondering if anyone has allready done so... I am also looking for any detailed drawings to use for reference.

    So for, I have been using a mic to get a basic outside demention and mounting holes and are working on properly placing the J1 and J2 connectors. I think there might be a 0.05 offset between the connectors as it seems the unit wont fit both between standard 0.10 hole vector board...

    Still workin on it... Any info I can get would be very helpfull...

    "Questing the Killer 4D App"

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    Hello Zonker,

    I can draw you up a detailed drawing for the 4.3" - I will do so shortly.

    These will become standard for 4D in the near future.

    From my knowledge, the 4.3" J1 and J2 headers were never placed to be plugged into a prototyping board, it would be by coincidence if they did happen to fit.

    I will reply back with a drawing for you shortly.

    In the mean time, here is some rendered images of the 4.3" Piggyback board we have been working on, still in the prototyping stage currently but getting close. This allows you to have a large prototyping area, which you may benefit from.

    Hope that helps
    Attached files


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      Please find attached a drawing of the 4.3" Display.

      If you have any further questions, please ask.

      As stated on the drawing, the dimensions shown are to the best of our knowledge correct, however this cannot be guaranteed.

      Drawing shows the dimensions of the display and its mounting, and also the dimensions between the headers J1 and J2, along with a few other minor dimensions.

      *EDIT* File has been updated, see Post #6

      Attached files uLCD43-PCT-r5-Assembly.PDF (591.9 KB)


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        Thanks Janes for the Info..!

        I will try to come up with two lib parts wich could be used any way you want.

        The first is the layout with the display device metal corner as orgin.

        The second is same except with J1-1 as orgin and placed on a X-Y boundry that works with grid size of 0.1.

        If this seems ok to you ... I'l keep at it...

        Thanks ALL at 4D for your help..!

        "Questing the Killer 4D App"


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          File Update

          I finally got the uLCD43 into Eagle and wanted to post them for someone to checkout... The only way I had to check the PCB artwork was to print it out and try a size check as best I could.

          Attached are the "Script" files that will produce the parts.

          To use them, open a new library in eagle. Then using the "File Script" function, select one of the attached files. You should now be able to load the Package, Symbol, or if you loaded the J1-1 file, the completed Device.

          To save the parts to a .LIB, just select "File" and enter a name for it.

          Wow, even more parst to make for this project...

          Thanks 4D for the help... (43 breakout board looks good!)


          Attached files (4.1 KB)
          "Questing the Killer 4D App"


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            Added a missing dimension, note detail A to the bottom right of the PDF.




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              Thanks for the update James...

              Been away for a while, I'll check the part and correct the hole offset dim. soon.

              The new 7" will be a good size for use as an instrument display for a UL aircraft.

              "Questing the Killer 4D App"


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                Some great work going on here between the both of you, the eagle files have saved me a mass of time. I am new to 4D displays and hope to have my first 4.3" today!

                Do either of you have STEP files or any 3d files for the 4.3" display?


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                  Yes there are models available.

                  These are to the best of our knowledge, correct, however realise they are just models and may not be 100% correct.




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                    James Thanks for the quick response. I got tied up playing with the display.

                    I have a problem with the Step files, they are massive! 130MB+

                    I have tried to open them up in Solidworks and freeCAD and both fail to open the files. Is there another format available? Thanks.


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                      Hi again

                      Yeah the files are massive sadly, a huge amount of detail and I have experienced issues opening them in some cases too.

                      Since you are in Solidworks, I can give you Parasolid files if you like. It will then generate the solidworks parts and assemblies again.

                      These will appear in the same directory as above, they will be there shortly.



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                        Thanks James, the new files load up without any problems.

                        As you say the detail is pretty impressive.

                        Thanks again.