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  • uVGA-sgc11 AUDIO PROBS.

    Hi All,
    Looking for some help with the audio section here, video commands I have working reasonably well, although I have not yet tried the uSD card with video. I have previously used the uVGA-MD1 with a somo-14d audio unit and the uSD card (64mb) programmed with wav files. All worked fine, but no longer!
    I have the uVGA-11 a/c coupled into an LM380 on board amp, together with auxillary audio inputs, a/c coupled again. All inputs work well until I connect the uVGA-11, at this stage the amplifier quiesant current leaps from 20mA to 200mA! and no audio signals available from any input source.The somo 14d could drive a small L/S and only allowed connecting one L/S terminal to an amplifier. The uSGA-v11 indicates a single audio out connection together with an active low audio enable pin, I have this pin connected to ground.
    The somo unit required wav files terminating with.AD4 are these still o/k?
    In any event the whole audio section is U/S once I power up the uVGA.
    What am I doing wrong???
    Mike Hardman.

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    Picaso / uVGAII outputs a PWM signal which will need filtering prior to feeding to the LM380 amplifier.

    Have a look at a schematic for one of the LCD modules (eg uLCD-32PT) which will give you an idea of the component values required.

    You may need to experiment a little to get the gain just right.

    AD4 files are not sutable, just a canonical *.wav file is required.


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      Hi Dave,
      Thank you for your reply and help. Looks like i'm back to the drawing board for a while, I will post the results as soon as I have some.
      Mike Hardman.