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  • short_range

    Yes thanks, the link was very helpful to me.

    Now I'm doing the porting to the mikroBASIC.
    I'm trying to create a little routine "reset":

    portc.3 = 0
    delay_ms (50)
    portc.3 = 1

    This code is inserted immediately after the variable declaration and initialization of the ports of the PIC:
    (PORTC = 0)
    (TrisC =% 00000100)
    (gosub reset)

    the problem is that the SOMO is not reset.
    Do not start anything.
    If I measure the pin of the "reset" with an oscilloscope, I notice that the voltage remains at 0.6 volts (600mV).
    If I remove the wire of the reset, I notice that the voltage drops to 0 volts.

    Do you have any advice?

    Thank you.
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  • 4dTechSupport

    Try the following link, there is source code posted by one of the forum members,

    Hope it will help...

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  • short_range
    started a topic Basic instructions

    Basic instructions

    I bought a Somo14 that works perfectly.
    Unfortunately I have a few basics of programming.
    I have a PIC 16F876A.
    I know a little of BASIC code and i don't understand how to transmit the data serially (bit banging).
    Have you the ability to write a few lines of BASIC code? (mikroBASIC if possible), to understand how:
    send a single song.
    send a pause command.
    send a volume setting.
    manage busy.

    Thank you.