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uVGA audio problems.

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  • uVGA audio problems.

    Hi All,
    Once again I need some help with the uVGA-11-SGC audio section.
    My data sheet (Rev-1 Oct 2010) indicated that the audio enable pin is an input, as I stated in my previous post I have this pin connected to ground.
    Now I have just read the post by SaraElmm of 21/3/11 indicating her audio problems. 4D Tech support advised that the Audio Enable pin is actually an output pin!! So to my questions,
    1) is this pin an input or an output?
    2) What damage have I done to the 'SGC' by grounding this pin?
    3) I recieve no responce from the play .wav file command ie, no Ack or Nack.
    no audio output from the 'SGC' into the amplifier from any of numerous .wav files I tried.
    4) Changing the volume level command works and returns Ack, as do a number of the video commands although not all, this will be the subject of my next post.
    I believe that may I have damaged the 'SGC' by grounding this pin?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Regards, Mike.
    Mike Hardman.

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    4D Tech Support has replied to the same inquiry from you through email.
    AUDENB pin is an Ouput pin as it mentioned at most of the places in the document except there was a typo (AUDENB was marked "I" instead of "O") in the Rev3 of the uVGA-II(SGC) datasheet which is fixed in the Rev4.
    Please check the following link,



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      Hi Mike,

      I believe that may I have damaged the 'SGC' by grounding this pin?
      I/O pins are fault tolerant and will withstand shorts to GND or 3v3 indefinitely.

      The WAV file format is specified here:-

      Might be worth trying a couple of the files that are supplied to get things going,
      check the ...\4D Labs\PICASO GFX2\COPY TO DISK
      folder for some samples that are guaranteed to work.



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        What is the purpose of the AUDENB pin? What do you do with it?
        Steve Spence KK4HFJ


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          It turns on and off the external audio amplifier


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            Ah, ok. That makes sense.
            Steve Spence KK4HFJ