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Does Com1 buffered TX work?

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  • Does Com1 buffered TX work?

    I can't get buffer tx to work on Com1. It works fine on Com0. The function com1_TXbufferHold(ON) appears to do nothing. Charactors are transmitted as soon as they are placed in the buffer. They dont wait for com1_TXbufferHold(OFF).
    I try the same code changing all "com1_" to "com_" and the function works for com0.
    I've also tried the same experiment using the sample program "bufferedTX". Same results. Com1 empties (transmitts) the buffer immediately. As further confirmation I noticed that with com0 the sample program reports on the display 440 charactors in the buffer. Using Com1 it reports 436 charactors. That indicates to me that it has already sent 4 charactors before reaching that line of code.
    Has anyone used buffered transmissions on Com1 succesfully?

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    Yes thanks for the report, there is a bug there - serout_1 is not checking its pending flag so data goes straight out.
    It has been fixed for version 2.8 which will be release shortly.