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    Hello, I'd like to request an option in GC to change the location where the image files are stored. Currently, I have all my images in one folder. When I create a GCI screen, GC makes copies of those images in a folder it creates itself. If I use one image in many different GCI files and then want to change that image, I have to copy it into every folder created for each GCI. It would be easier if I could just tell GC not to make a copy and use the original images or tell GC to copy images into one central folder. Thanks.

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    Sorry, a great deal of thought went into the current structure, including 'no folder' and a 'single folder'.

    After considering all the ramifications and possible confusion that the other options could cause/result in the present arrangement was selected as vastly superior.

    If you have many common files, perhaps a common GC file would be an idea.