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4D-Visi digit bug

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  • 4D-Visi digit bug

    4D-Visi is a great job .
    I think there is a bug when the soft makes the bmp digit gci.
    If you dump the gci file, you can see that the fist index digit is well sized (80x133) but real bmp/AVI digits (0123456789) are not with the good size (68x133).

    HTML Code:
     .dat file :
    "Nixie_Digit_hx" 5A00 0002 00 18
    "iNixie_Digit_hx" AE00 0002 00 18
    [HTML] file :
    iNixie_Digit_hx // offset 0x25A00
    iiNixie_Digit_hx // offset 0x2AE00
    .gci file :
    offset 25A00 : 00 50 00 85 10 .... and data of the first digit bmp
    offset 2AE00 : 00 44 00 85 10 .... and data of 0123456789 bmp file

    Argggghhh, big bug in Workshop Beta, a save crashes without reason, I lost 4Dvisi file since the middle of the file, all my Visi definition is lost (more than 5 screens with a lot of buttons, digits, pictures...). I think that I still use 4D visi only for fun test because it's to unstable but I sure that it will be soon an helpful soft. Now I'm using classic GC with manual coding... It's more stable !

    Thierry - Avignon - France

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    Sorry, we are not aware of either of the two issues you seem to be having.

    For the first one, can you zip up the .4dg, .4dvisi files, as well as the .imgdata ?

    For the second one, can you describe how to get this crash in a bit more detail?


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      I open your clock test sample in the 4D-visi folder. I make some modifications (LandScape mode, only four digits (80x133), and a touch screen function with just foreground color change.

      When you run it, digits are good (4x80 pixels) but if you touch the screen, the color changes and when digits redraws, they are only 68 pixels wide bmp... Strange issue isn't it !

      If you dump clock.gci file, you can see that at offset 0, the width of bmp is 160 (2 digits with each 80 pixels), but if you go to offset A800 (first digit offset -> see, you can see that the width of bmp is 68 pixels and not 80 pixels !

      For the second bug, I would delete a form, the IDE stoped with a error like "List index out of bounds (-1)". I clic on OK button, I saw that all form and object was not listed in "Form" and "Object" fields. So I would save my file but IDE stop with same sort of error (I don't remember exactly) and a second error (I/O error).... I must close IDE Workshop and 4dvisi file was corrupted.

      Yet, I use 4D visi for only keyboard function (great job !) and I use classical GC files (2 files open in the same time) for displaying digits and background.
      I'm using a copy of your ledDigitsDisplay function with some personal add-on (choice of handler number, Y position, darken/lighten for selected digit (useful for make a setting menu without underline cursor). And now, my real time clock with DS1340 (I2C RTCC) works well !

      Attached files Clock.4dg (4.7 KB) Clock.4DVisi.txt (1.4 KB) CLOCK.dat.txt (134 B) CLOCK.gci.txt (438 KB) (366 B)

      Thierry - Avignon - France


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        The CustomDigits width calculation was using the same calculation as LedDigits, this was why the width was too narrow.

        Are you using I thought the "List index out of bounds (-1)" problem was fixed in that version, at least I can't make it happen anymore.

        If you are using that version perhaps a bit more detail and I might be able to recreate it

        The next version of Workshop is probably a while off. If you'd like a version that fixes your customdigits issue, just let me know.


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          Hi,I am really sorry ionnaire alternatif SYSTRAN)[reveal] (Dictionnaire alternatif SYSTRAN)[see] (Dictionnaire alternatif SYSTRAN)[smell out] (Dictionnaire alternatif SYSTRAN)[turn up] (Dictionnaire alternatif SYSTRAN)[uncover] (Dictionnaire alternatif SYSTRAN)[unearth] (Dictionnaire alternatif SYSTRAN)[unlock] (Dictionnaire alternatif SYSTRAN)découvert" id="altmeaning_2">to have discovered this bug Yes, my version is
          For the customdigits issue, It is not worthwhile to make a special version, I wrote a custom function to do it. Thank you for your proposal
          On workshop, if you create a least 2 forms. And you create 2 or 3 objects in an other form than the first. Then in the Object field, select the form in the list and try to delete it... The workshop halt up on an error. Last day, that was "List index out of bounds (-1)" error, this morning, it is "Access violation at adresse 0010C25D, Read of address 0010C25D" error !And after, Form and Object list are scramble... If you create an other object, names are duplicate and workshop has a big bug ! The only one solution is closing and reopen Workshop
          Good luck

          Thierry - Avignon - France