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putting smaller LCD on 24PT module

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  • putting smaller LCD on 24PT module


    I'm struggling to fit 4D module in a very small device.

    I planned to use uOLED160.. however the pixel density of OLED displays is
    only 120PPI. And since in my device is similar to a digital viewfinder, where
    you place your eye very close to display, the image looks very pixelated.

    So I'm looking at LCD modules (2.4") with 320x200 screens. However the
    physical dimension of the screen is too big...So.. I wonder if I can fit a a
    smaller 320x200 LCD on this module (uLCD-24PT GFX) ? What kind of
    interface/spec should I look for if it's possible. For example my old Nokia
    phone has 2" LCD screen with same resolution (which gives 200ppi). Much
    better for my use.

    Is there any other solutions ?

    Too bad there is no 160x128 LCD module in 4D line-up, by the way...


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    Anyone ?
    4D engineers ?


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      Unfortunately we don't have a size between the 1.7" uOLED-160-G1 and the 2.4" uLCD-24PT. Sounds like you need a 2" or a 2.2". Only option is to find a screen to suit your requirement and design a board with the Picaso. The uLCD-24PT screen uses the ILI9325 driver IC, if you can find a screen with this driver IC then the 24PT pmmc should work straight up. If not, then we can look at a pmmc specific for your driver IC inside the display.


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        Hello Atilla,

        Thanks for your answer.
        Yes, I guess developping a new board with Picaso sounds like an ulimate solution ...

        After some hours of search, the best I could find is 2" inch 320x240 screen, but with ILI9335 driver IC. So if I understand correctly if driver IC is different, it would be possible to modify pmmc ?

        Also another question... would it be possible for me to put 160x128 screen on uLCD-144 module ? It looks like Goldelox has enough juice to output video at this resolution .. but that would require custom firmware as well (provided that I use same driver IC as on uLCD-144 module...) ? or not ?

        Sincerely M.


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          The driver IC inside the 1.44" screen we use for the uLCD-144 is ST7735R. There are many screens available 1.3" to 1.8" size with this driver IC. The ST7735R has enough GRAM to drive 160x128 resolution screens and the Goldelox is more than capable of handling this size resolution.


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            So if I connect this screen, that means that it would work with current pmmc loaded in uLCD-144 ?



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              That screen won't work, it's an SPI interface, you need 8bit data bus interface with D0..D7, RD, WR, RS, CS signals.


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                Ok. So this one then...


                1. Resolution: 128 X 160
                2. Driver IC: ST7735
                3. 8080 System 8 bit interface
                4. LED Backlgiht with RoHS compliance
                5. 4-wire resistive touch panel

                So would there be necessary to change module firmware or not ?


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                  That looks like it could work. If you weren't happy with the pixel density of the uOLED-160 then you're not going to be happy with this LCD, it's about similar size and similar pixel density.
                  Edit: Can you describe a little bit about your application? If you can provide more detailed information we maybe in a better position to offer advice.


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                    well.. you are right... it doesn't change much
                    I'm going to write down a small PDF with a schema of what I'm trying to achieve with 4D modules and share it with you. Thanks!