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    I have a SGC Picasso LCD Modul (2,4"") and want to set some functions in sleep mode. I want to set the touch and the audi function to sleep mode. I used the display sleep function 5Ahex with the options 20hex for touch and 40hex for audio and sleep_time 0 (for ever). Problem is, that the whole display goes in sleep modus and not only the audio and touch. Is there a possibility to set only audi and touch in turn off mode andr the rest of fucntions are working?

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    You can turn off touch using the same command you used to turn it on.

    Most people don't turn off the audio, after all if the sample rate is high enough you can't hear it.

    Regardless, the only way to turn off audio is by sleeping, and the smallest sleep delay is 1 second.

    You could try setting the 'wake on serial' bit and sending the autobaud command until you get an ACK, that should get you back before a second is up. Remember to check for multiple ACKs as the module may end up receiving several


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      Just realised if you use "STOP currently playing WAV file" the audio is also turned off